Best Rifle Scope Reviews
Best Night Vision Scope
Night vision rifle scopes, often called starlight scopes, were originally designed for tactical military use only in the 1930's however technology has improved greatly which means that these rifle scopes are now generally available to the general public for shooting and hunting. Night vision scopes have evolved over the years and they now fit into different "generations" which can be confusing when choosing your night vision scope however I hope this guide clears things up for you.
Best Rifle Scope for 30-06
The 30-06 Springfield rifle cartridge (7.62 x 63mm in metric) was first introduced to the United States military in 1906 and remained in use for over 70 years until it was replaced by the .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51mm in metric) in the 80's. The 30-06 is still one of the most popular sporting cartridges in the world because of its versatility and performance. In addition, the 30-06 is affordable to shoot which makes it a popular choice for hunters and sporting professionals alike.
Best Fixed Power Scopes for Hunting
I recently read a post on a hunting forum that basically said that you cannot hunt or shoot without a variable magnification scope. I completely and respectfully disagree. Yes, variable magnification allows you to magnify the image or intended target so that it appears to be closer however that added technology takes away from some of the other qualities of a rifle scope. What I mean by that is that if you have 2 scopes in your hand, let's say a standard 3-9x40mm and a fixed power 4x-40mm at the exact same price range, the fixed 4x scope is probably built with better optics and is more durable than the 3-9x.
Best Scope for 17 HMR
The 17 HMR is often compared to the 22 LR and for good reason, however there are a number of key differences. The .17 hmr will be far faster and much more accurate with a flat trajectory as compared to the trajectory and velocity of the .22 long rifle. If you require insane accuracy for varmint hunting or even target shooting, the .17 HMR will be superior. Now you must be thinking to yourself, "What is the downside of the 17hmr?" Well, unfortunately rounds of ammunition will cost you more in 17 hmr as compared to the very economical .22 lr.
Best Varmint Scope (Including Best Predator Scope Reviews)
Varmint hunting has been a great American past time for decades. Whether you are shooting prairie dogs, squirrels, or coyote, your choice of scope (and rifle) will be an important consideration. After all, you don't have the ability to miss and still expect a kill shot at a prairie dog at 200 yards. Whether you are shooting varmint for fun or just getting rid of the pesky critters and stopping them from digging holes in the back 40, we've got you covered with a complete analysis and review of the BEST varmint scopes for hunting.
Best Long Range Scope Reviewed
A long range scope (LRS) is specifically designed to provide additional magnification in order for the target to appear closer, giving the shooter more confidence and increasing the ability to accurately shoot at long distances, say 1000 yards or longer. You should be aware that quality long distance rifle scopes are more expensive than a traditional rifle scope. Typically they are used by snipers or tactical personnel however some target shooters and hunters prefer to use a scope with more magnification for those greater distance shots. In our mind, to be classified as a "long" distance rifle scope, it must have a magnification range of at least 20x.
Best Rifle Scope for Hunting (Including Best Deer Hunting Scope)
Before you purchase a rifle scope for hunting, check out this guide for choosing the best rifle scope. Whether you plan on plinking, punching paper, or hunting big game, I have put a guide complete with reviews and expert advice on choosing the right scope.
Best Scope for a .308 Hunting Rifle Reviewed
The .308 Winchester has always been a popular choice for shooters and hunters because it is relatively economical, manageable recoil, and its ability to hunt medium to large sized game. That being said, it doesn’t offer the same performance as larger calibre rifle such as the .300 Win Mag or 7mm Rem Mag, so your choice of scope is that much more important.
Best 22 Scope (including Best .22 lr Scope)
The .22 remains a favorite for small game and sport shooting. Where I’m from, it’s most often used for cleaning up gophers in the field and my kid loves it for target shooting. What makes a .22 ideal for small game is the lack of velocity that doesn’t obliterate the animal upon impact. Couple with this the fact that it’s extremely economical and it’s easy to understand why the 22 remains the top selling caliber in North America.
Best AR Scope (including Best AR Red Dot)
Red dot sights are non-magnifying reflector (reflex) sights for firearms and any other devices which require aiming. They offer extremely fast target acquisition and are very practical for hunting and target shooting as they allow the user to maintain field of view. Note that you won’t be able to shoot as accurately as you would be able to with a high magnification rifle scope however you will be able to shoot much faster.
Best Rifle Scope under $500
Buying a riflescope under $500 satisfies most avid hunter and professional target shooting requirements. One of the main differences between a scope under $500 and one under $200, is the light transmission on the more expensive scopes will be higher which allows clarity and brightness, specifically when at the top end of the magnification range.
Best Rifle Scope under $100 (Including Best Scope for the Money)
Ten years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation but because scope manufacturing and technology has moved at such a rapid pace it’s actually possible to buy a great entry level rifle scope for under $100.

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