Best Gun Safes Reviews in 2018 – Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide [DETAILED]

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Do you really need a gun safe?

Most would say yes and there's a big reason.

Even though you may know that you need a gun safe for your firearms, its could be tough to find the absolute best gun safe in 2018.

For those that aren't sure if a gun safe is necessary, if you own any type of firearm, it is your responsibility to ensure that the gun and ammunition are kept safe and away from children or any other untrained person from getting access to it.

Proper gun storage is part of the standard gun safety rules that we should all be familiar with.

Whether you own a firearm for home defense, for hunting, or for anything else, we recommend using a proper gun safe.

What's in our Gun Safe Buyer's Guide?

Buying a proper gun safe for your needs can seem like a daunting task. After all, gun safes come in hundreds of different styles, in varying sizes, have different locking mechanisms, made out of different thickness and type of materials, and all advertise unique features.

Having a basic understanding of gun safes in general plus being equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ask the right questions is critical in order to get the best gun safe for the money.

Here's what you'll find in our buyer's guide​:

  • ​What to consider for your gun safe
  • We've narrowed down the list for you so it will be easy to get the best gun safe for the money.
  • Gun Safe Reviews on all the top gun safes by category

Summary of the Best Gun Safes in 2018

Gun Safe Buyer's Guide - Finding Best Gun Safe

There are a number of things to consider when ​looking for a quality gun safe to meet your needs. These include:

  • Size​
  • Weight
  • Safe lock type
  • Fireproof or not
  • Anchoring options
  • State laws

Gun Safe Size

One of the first things you will notice about buying a gun safe is all the different sizes that are available.

What size is right for you?

In order to answer this question you have to first decide where the gun safe will be stored and if there are any size constraints. From there, decide what you want to store in your firearm safe.

Do you have an arsenal of weapons including both handguns and long rifles that you want to protect and secure?

In this case, you'll want to look at a larger gun safe. Be aware, the larger the gun safe the heavier it gets! a 14 cubic feet 30 rifle safe will weigh around 650 lbs.

If you want something in your bedroom and only plan on storing a handgun, a small biometric safe might be right for you. 

One of the best tips that I can give to a first time buyer is to buy a gun safe that is bigger than you currently need.

If you are like me, it is easy to acquire more firearms, so be prepared! With all the gun shows out there, I sometimes find myself buying several guns a month.

I always suggest buying a safe that you can "grow" into, if you have the room. 

Gun Safe Weight

The weight of the gun safe goes hand in hand with its size. Of course, the larger the gun safe the heavier it will be however consider the thickness and construction as well.

Some safes are built from heavier gauge steel than others and the most durable safe will have continuous welds as apposed to just spot welds for added strength.

A 2500-lb safe will be far more secure then a 300-lb safe simply because it is harder to move (steal) a lighter safe than something bigger.

With that being said, simply moving a 2500-lb safe will probably cost you a few hundred dollars to get in your house.

Recommendations? If you want a solid safe to store and secure 20+ rifles, including .22 lr, 30-06, .308 etc, I would suggest that you should look at something like a 60" by 36" that weighs around 750 lbs.

Yes, you will need to buy a case of beer and ask your friends to help you move it in place!

Gun Safe Lock Type

There are many different styles of locking mechanisms when choosing the best gun safe.

Do you want the traditional manual lock on your large gun safe? Maybe an electronic code lock is what you are looking for.

Or perhaps, you are interested in the most up to date technology and want a biometric gun safe that recognizes your fingerprint? Biometric gun safes are available on most safes, particularly some of the smaller hand gun safes.

Technology has come a long way and you can even program multiple (up to 30 on some) fingerprints so the safe recognizes and opens for multiple people.

For those of you skeptical about the fingerprint scanner, most biometric gun safes will also have a keyhole or keypad in case the fingerprint is not available. 

Fireproof Gun Safes

Some gun safes advertise that they are 100% fireproof and they will protect your firearms from any type of damage if your house, or the area you are storing the safe in, catches fire. I would suggest that some of the cheaper gun safes that claim their safes are fireproof, are not what you would expect.

If you plan on storing and securing an expensive set of firearms and want the additional protection against damage caused by fire, be prepared to spend the money because it won't be cheap. 

Gun Safe Anchoring Options

One consideration that you will want to find out when buying a gun safe is whether it has the ability to be anchored down, to either the floor or wall.

If you are purchasing a large gun safe and it doesn't have anchor capabilities, you will probably want to buy a heavier safe.

If your safe is only 200 lbs and you can't anchor it, you run the risk that the safe can simply be carried out. If you are like me and store documents and other personal items, you are leaving yourself at risk. 

Gun Safe Laws in the United States

In the US, gun laws differ from state to state so it is important that you know the applicable gun laws in the state that you reside in.

For example, in the state of California, if you don't secure your firearms in a certified safe, you may face potential liability. See here for more information. 

Best Overall Gun Safe Reviews in 2017

If you are like most people, you want to make sure you get a good safe for the money. If you plan on spending a few hundred dollars, it's worth doing some research.

After all, your gun safe is protection and making sure your hand guns or rifles don't get into the hands of someone you don't want. 

​Let's get into the reviews!

1. GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review

There are a lot of quality manufacturers in the gun safe business. One of the top gun safe brands, especially for handguns, is GunVault.

Each GunVault safe is built out of heavy grade steel that is nearly impossible to penetrate while the valuables inside are secured by a protective foam liner.

GunVault Speedvault (SV) is one of their models of handgun safes. As the name suggests, this gun safe was built for a purpose - quick access to your firearm for serious home defense.

The Gunvault sv500 is a beauty of a handgun safe if you are looking for a small but durably built firearm safe. This is a great option for those of you looking for a home defense safe or one for business because it can be bolted on the side of a desk or bed.

One The GunVault SpeedVault SV500 isn't a biometric gun safe however we've got you covered if you are looking for biometrics.

The GunVault svb500 is the big brother to the sv500. This baby is has similar durability, construction, and specs except that it is also a biometric hand gun safe.

If you are curious about what others have to say, check out a Gunvault Speedvault review

2. Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock Review

I am of the opinion that everyone should own a drawer safe, specifically the Stack-On PDS-500. This traditional drawer safe is a must have.

It is functional, fits into most standard drawers, and offers great protection and security for your handgun. Stack-On is a leading provider of and manufacturer of high quality gun storage systems for home, office, and industrial use.

They have been around since 1972 and have refined their product lines over the years so you can be confident that you are getting the best gun safe.

Made in the US, these guys are serious about high quality handgun safes for home defense.

A drawer safe is one of the easiest and best ways to secure your handgun. It doesn't require a whole lot of space and also doesn't require a ton of installation work.

The Stack-On PDS-500 electronic locking drawer safe is a cheap gun safe but offers great value. Drawer safes are a must have!

Check out the PDS-500 gun safe review!

3. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle safe is one of the best large biometric gun safes on the market today. It is big enough to hold several rifles, but not overly large that it requires its own room.

The Barska biometric safe offers both fingerprint unlocking capabilities as well as the standard electronic code system for added functionality. It has pre-drilled anchor points for easy securing to your floor or wall.

I would recommend securing this gun safe because it isn't heavy enough that I would feel it is comfortable on its own.

For example, if you are getting a 2000 pound gun safe, no need to secure it! It would take a small army to steal it.

Barska Quick Access Biometric safe is ideal for storing rifles as well as valuables and important documents. 

4. Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E Rifle Safe Review

Mesa Safe Company is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of heavy duty gun safes.

Mesa produces a few different lines of gun safes including a really cool camo gun safe.

One of their most popular models is the MBF series which offers all the security of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire proof gun safe.  

The Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E is a 14.4 cubic feet gun safe that has the capacity to store and protect up to 30 long rifles. It has an electronic locking system and is also shipped with a backup key in case the electronic system fails.

Although not a biometric gun safe, the Mesa MBF series gun safes are a great product. Do your own research!

Nothing is better than checking out a Mesa safe review. The Mesa wall safe is also fire proof which offers additional protection for your firearms and other valuables that you store in the unit.

Make sure to compare the fire rating to other gun safes that you find at Cabelas or Bass Pro because I found that the MBF 6032E gun safe offers a higher rating. 

5. Stack-On SS-22-MB-C 22 Gun Safe Review

As discussed, Stack-On builds quality gun safes. The stack-on ss-22-mb-c is a security safe with a combination lock and has a fully carpeted inside and will hold up to 16 firearms.

It can be shipped by Amazon anywhere in the United States and weighs just over 250 lbs. This is a good safe for the money and is sold at Walmart but at a higher price. 

Best Biometric Gun Safe in 2017

What is a biometric gun safe? Biometric simply means an authentication technique that relies on measurable physical characteristics that can be automatically checked.

It is basically human characteristics such as ones fingerprints, retina characteristics, facial recognition, or DNA. When we refer to a "biometric gun safe" we are just meaning a gun safe that has the capability of recognizing a set of fingerprints to unlock.

Pretty cool, isn't it?! If you have the new iPhone 6, you have likely used biometrics before.

The fingerprint scanner is pretty handy and if you are like me, you've had just about all your friends try it to see if they can break it. 

Small biometric gun safes are a great alternative to the traditional gun safe. For some, simply finding the room to store a large safe isn't possible.

However you need to be careful as some fingerprint gun safes are flat out junk and should be avoided. For others, the added security that a finger recognition gun safe provides will allow you to sleep at night knowing that your children cannot unlock the safe. 

This section is dedicated to providing you with a list of the best biometric gun safes and we'll also help you decide which ones you should avoid.

Luckily the biometric technology has advanced to the point that you can get a quality biometric safe for a few hundred dollars. 5 years ago, even if you spent $500 you would still have had issues with the gun safe. 

There are some limitations to fingerprint gun safes. They require use of your fingerprints to unlock the rifle case so if your finger is dirty, scratched, or cut the biometric feature may not be as reliable.

Most fingerprint safes will also have a manual or keyhole lock as well so it may not be an issue for you. Cost is another consideration.

Most gun safes will charge a slight premium for the added feature of fingerprint recognition technology. 

As with other gun safes, make sure you make a list of all the features that you want your top gun safe to have.

For example, you will find fireproof biometric gun safes, handgun biometric gun safes, small biometric gun safes, and stack on or drawer biometric gun safes.

The list is endless so make sure you do some research before you go to buy the best gun safe. 

1. BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe Review

Barska is a worldwide sport optics company with strong brand recognition within the optics industry, with corporate offices in La Verne, California, and warehouses and distribution centers in La Verne and Shanghai, China.

Barska offers an extensive line of precision sport optics products, such as binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, and telescopes.

The product range has been designed and built with the latest optical technology, allowing users to enjoy all their favorite leisure time outdoor activities.

The Barska biometric safe is a small, compound fingerprint safe that opens with the touch of a finger and stores up to 30 different fingerprints. This little dandy can store more than just your sidearm.

In fact, you can store documents, cameras, and other valuables in this compact gun safe. Barska is an industry leader when it comes to the design and construction of fingerprint gun safes and they also have a solid warranty.

Barska builds multiple sizes the fingerprint scanner gun safe so make sure to have a look at their compete product offering. 

2. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

SentrySafe offers a broad range of safe types, sizes and protection levels to meet your individualized needs.

They make safes for data & document security, home safes, business safes and safes for gun owners. Founded in 1930, SentrySafe has been designing and manufacturing high quality safes that are distributed around the globe.

Their safes provide peace of mind and allow you to feel safe with guns in your home around your children. 

Get protection as unique as your fingerprint. The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe allows you to program a fingerprint in addition to your combination for quick, reliable entry. 

The Sentry Safe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe is reinforced with heavy duty 12 gauge solid steel construction. This allows you the quick and quiet access to your firearm without compromising the integrity of the safe. 

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe is specifically designed with a pry-resistant door that helps prevent unauthorized access to your firearm.

Fused with solid steel construction, you can feel confident that you family is safe from your handgun

3. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

The Barska Quick Access biometric safe (model AX11652) can store identities for up to 120 different users.

We don't know why they made this biometric rifle safe with the capability to store your and everyone of your neighbors fingerprints, but they did. Ideal for safely storing rifles and other sensitive equipment-from video cameras and laptops to jewelry and documents-the Barska Quick Access biometric safe is a real dandy. 

With your purchase, you will receive the rifle safe, a set of emergency back-up keys, an external battery pack, and mounting hardware.

Factory pre-drilled anchor points allow you to permanently secure the safe to the floor or wall with the included mounting hardware.

It's powered by four AA batteries (included), which can last for up to 2 years.

4. GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe Review

The GunBox is a product that claims that it is the best handgun safe on the market today. I have to say, this handgun fingerprint safe is sleek, practical, and secure.

It opens using a unique RFID wristband or ring, and also opens with your fingerprint.

The Gunbox Biometric handgun safe is built out of aircraft strength aluminum alloy with mounts, features as an alarm, has 2 built in USB ports for charging other devices, and you can purchase a car adapter separately.

This is definitely the prettiest gun safe that I have ever seen and would be perfect for home defense or even at the office. I wouldn't say this handgun safe is a cheap gun safe, but it is a solid buy. Check out there website here.

5. Gun Vault SV 500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe Review

The SV 500 Speed Vault is a solid handgun safe if you are looking for a mounting fingerprint gun safe.

This guy comes with everything you need to mount it to the side of your desk or any other flat surface in your home or office.

The Gun Vault SV500 features a fast activation drop down drawer for added speed if you are looking for a safe for home defense. 

For more information and reviews on the top GunVault Gun Safe, click here

Best Handgun Safe (Best Small Gun Safe) in 2018

The best handgun safe doesn't have to cost you a fortune. In fact, by doing a bit of your own research up front, you can get a solid handgun safe for under $100.

Buying the best small safe can give you piece of mind and we're going to show you how to get the best bang for your buck when buying a hand gun safe.

Many people buy a small gun safe in addition to a larger gun safe because it adds another element to home defense. It's easy to store your small handgun safe beside your bed or in your closet however it's a bit more difficult with a large long gun safe. 

Buying a small gun safe from Amazon is simple and affordable. I know that I can find the same handgun safe cheaper on Amazon than at Bass Pro or Cabelas.

Something that you have to be careful of when buying a small pistol safe is that a lot of manufacturers build cheap safes.

Some gun safes can be opened with a screwdriver or other similar tool so you need to do your research and know which safe brands are the best.

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe Review

The Amazon Basics security safe is a cheap gun safe that decent protection for your handguns or other important documents and valuables.

It features an electronic lock system (not biometric) and comes with 2 emergency override keys in case the electronics get damaged or you forget your security code.

This is a good safe for the money and is built with steel construction however this safe is not fireproof or waterproof.

The small gun safe has a carpeted interior to protect damage to your firearm or valuables and also features a removable and adjustable shelf for added versatility. 

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is great for around your home or at the office. It is small enough that it can be hidden away in a closet or under a desk, however it is a decent size and can hold quite a bit of valuables.

The safe has 2 live-door bolts and a pry-resistant steel door for added security. The small security safe also comes with mounting bolts so you can safely secure the safe to the wall or side of a desk for added protection against theft. 

2. SnapSafe Lockbox Review with Key Lock for Handgun Storage

The SnapSafe Lockbox is one of the top selling small and inexpensive handgun safes on Amazon today. Note that it comes in 3 different sizes; Large, X Large, and XX Large.

Make sure you buy the right one for your needs. Each lockbox of them are built out of 18 gauge steel construction and equipped with a 1500 lb rated cable so that you can fasten it to a stationary object.

This gun safe meets all the TSA airline firearm guidelines as well as the strict California gun laws.

The Snap Safe Lock Box is a great alternative to a traditional gun safe as this one is portable and easy to bring with you to the office or even for use in your car. 

SnapSafe has been building quality gun safes and lockboxes for many years. They have a vast product line including 3 different sizes of lockboxes, the Titan, and the super Titan. 

3. GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 Review 

The Gunvault nanovault 200 is compact and can be stored anywhere yet tough as it is built using 18 gauge steel construction and meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines.

The Nanovault is a series of small portable firearm safes that includes the NanoVault 100, NanoVault 200, and the NanoVault 300. These safes are great for home, office, travel, or concealed-weapon permit holders.

These handgun cases are the perfect size and can fit easily in a drawer, inside your bag, or in your vehicle.

The GunVault NV200 is also affordable and costs less than $50 on Amazon which makes it one of the best small handgun safes on the market today.

No matter what kind of safe you own, everyone needs a nanovault. 

Every Gunvault NV200 comes with a 1,500 lb security table perfect for securing your gun safe to a permanent object. The nv200 provides extra safety and security in a handgun safe at an affordable price. 

4. GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe Review

The GunBox biometric handgun safe is one of the best handgun safes out there however if you don't require or want something that looks so nice and don't care about all the added features, this gun safe may not be for you.

It is much more expensive than the average handgun safe because it goes way beyond just being a good fingerprint gun safe.

It features an internal motion sensor with an alarm, 2 USB ports for charging your cell phone or whatever else, and looks futuristic.

It is an FAA approved gun safe which allows you to safely store your firearm with checked luggage. Make sure to check your airport regulations first! 

5. Stack-On PDS-1500 Gun Safe

First off, Stack-On drawer safes are best in class gun safes. They make a few different models including the Stack-On PDS 1500 and the Stack-On PDS 500.

Drawer safes are great because they can be stored away easily for added security beside your nightstand or in your closet.

The Stack On 1500 features a 3-point locking system with a key coded cylinder lock, comes with 2 keys for backup, and includes adjustable barrel rests that are extended to accommodate the added depth needed to store tactical weapons.  

The PDS 1500 can also be wall mounted however check to see if your product comes with the needed mounting system. 

Best Horizontal Gun Safe in 2018

Looking for the perfect safe to store under the bed? Horizontal gun safes, also called "under the bed safes" are a perfect way to store and secure your long firearms, such as a 30-06 , .308, or even your AR-15.

As the name says, a horizontal gun safe is different from your traditional long rifle safe that stands vertically. Horizontal safes will lay flat yet still have the capacity to store longer rifles.

They can be stored in hard to find or hard to spot places such as in the base of a closet or even under a bed.  

These safes for long rifles are not that common so they can be difficult to find if you are looking to purchase one. Horizontal gun safes can save space and allow you to effectively use space in your home or office. 

A lot of people are interested in an effective under the bed storage system for their firearms. After all, the point of the gun safe is to keep them out of the hands of those that shouldn't have them, such as small children.

A horizontal gun safe is a great way to protect your family from the curiosity of your young ones. Horizontal gun safes are also great to store in your truck or SUV when going hunting or camping with your family and friends. 

1. American Security Defense Vault Review

The American Security Defense Vault is a horizontal firearm safe that features 14 gauge steel with a 5 point slide locking bar and comes with a foam interior for protection of your long rifles against damage. It comes with 4 pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware which gives you the added flexibility if you want to mount this safe to the ground for added security. Although not a biometric horizontal safe, the security defense vault has a pretty slick electronic locking system with an illuminated keypad. Check out our review of the best American Security Safe Review here

2. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Review

The DV 652 horizontal gun case is great for under the bed storage of your long rifles or shotguns. Stealth has engineered this high quality under the bed safe which is comparable to the American Security Defense Vault above. 

3. Monster Vault Under the Bed Safe Review

The Monster Vault horizontal gun safe is a beast! This gun safe features 140 pounds of cold rolled steel construction which is almost impenetrable. The Monster Vault under the bed safe comes with a slide out drawer and a digital programmable combination lock. One of the differences that you will notice right away with this safe compared to some of the other horizontal long gun safes is that it doesn't have a keypad that lights up when you are entering your code. 

Final Thoughts - Best Gun Safe Buyer's Guide and Gun Safe Reviews

If you read through all of the product reviews and information about buying a gun safe you will now know that there is a ton to consider when purchasing a gun safe. To make it an easier process, first consider the size of firearm that you need to secure.

After that, make a list of all the features that you require or want. Once you have those 2 things narrowed down, it will be easy for you to find the best gun safe in that category.

Gary Fretwell is a 33-year-old die hard hunter and blogger from Wyoming. After serving in Iraq, he finished school to become an Asset Protection Officer and currently is learning to be a tracker to help hunters like himself find big game!